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Sovereign Security Essex

Remote Video Monitoring

The protection of your outdoor assets and the prevention of unauthorised entry is a serious issue. Here at Sovereign we offer a variety of security services; Remote video Monitoring being a new highly advanced system which is a very effective protection for you, the client.

RVM has many benefits:

  • Visual verification of what is happening on site.
  • Visual deterrant on site for staff and intruders.
  • Added protection for people and property.
  • Footage can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.
  • Potential to reduce staff costs on site as RVM is available 24/7.
  • Additional peace of mind for property and business owners.
  • Works in conjunction with a monitored intruder system.

How it works:

Video is transmitted to the control room   Alarm goes off in the control room   Operator looks at the CCTV   Operator issues a voice warning
Video is transmitted to the control room   Alarm goes off in the control room to let the operator know of unauthorised movement   Operator looks at the CCTV transmission and confirms   Operator issues a voice warning and follows protocol the client would like i.e. Police, call owner, dispatch guard

Sovereign can provide you with all the equipment needed to set up this system as long as you have internet connection.

Additional Services are:

  • Arm & Disarm – Our operators can remotely dial in to your site at predetermined times or from a telephone request from a staff member to either arm or disarm your CCTV system.
  • ePatrols – We can dial into your camera system remotely at set intervals and complete a live tour of all cameras.
  • Access Control – From our operating centre we can open, close and lock gates, doors and entry barriers. Our operators can record movements either on a times basis or by telephone as people arrive and depart.

Each package is tailor made to the clients requirements.

Please call for a quote and further details.

Please call us on 020 8508 5544 to discuss your requirements.

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