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Biosite® Biometric Access Control

Specifically designed for use on the construction site.

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Sovereign have launched a new professional and easy to use Biometric Access Control System for Site Entry situations; following on from the original OnSite® card-based system which has been installed and improved upon over the last 13 years.

The OnSite® card system was a great value product and has served us well. Our new biometric product is completely modern and uses current state-of-the-art technology. BioSite® is only available from Sovereign. It has meant a complete re-write of software, for those who remember our OnSite® program, and we hope to take this product to greater heights than OnSite®.

BioSite® has cost over £200,000 and 5 yrs to develop by a team of programmers. Sovereign has specifically developed it for use on work sites. BioSite® has been fully operational for over a year on 200+ sites, and growing in number, and is more than comparable to the ‘other’ biometric offerings in the marketplace.

BioSite® is reliable and simple to install and operate (just like OnSite®) except there is a more efficient plug and play aspect.


  • Easy system management
  • Easy to use and understand software
  • Fast system response (access and egress)
  • Unlimited user capability
  • Full reporting (roll call, weekly summary, daily access summary, users, etc.)


  • Greater control over access
  • BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) Reporting
  • Higher security: biometrics (fingerprints)
    • are unique to the individual
    • eliminate “buddy-punching” and “pass-back” of proximity cards (cannot be shared)
    • cannot be lost, stolen, or duplicated
    • are non-intrusive

System Components

  • Computer system consisting of:
    • PC tower
    • LCD monitor
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Small webcam for image capture
  • BioSite® client software*
  • Fingerprint enrolment scanner (for registering new users)
  • Turnstile (full-height or half-height)
  • Two (2) biometric fingertip readers (1-entry and 1-exit)
  • Laser printer

*Software is licensed to your site and must be re-licensed for use on another site.

>> System Includes FULL Staff Training and FULL System Support <<

Bonus Features of our BioSite® System
  • full service and support
  • after purchase, system is owned by your company and may be re-used on other sites*
  • once your project is complete we will:
    • disassemble the system and remove from site (small fee)
    • clean and service all equipment
    • repaint turnstile; if needed
    • store the system in a climate controlled facility, for FREE
  • system is ready for re-install on short notice
  • very small ongoing cost

*Software must re-licensed for use on another site.

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For more information regarding Biometric Access Control Systems please call us on 07805 688391 or email to discuss your requirements.